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J W jeff.w.bulk at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 10:21:07 EDT 2010

Hi all.

I am having trouble and I think it's because teksavvy uses
PPPoE whereas I'm used to just regular Ethernet, no PPPoE.
Back in BC, the dsl providers don't use PPPoE, or if they do it's
transparent to the user.

My desired setup is this.

Modem to server (gateway) to LAN, where DHCP and DNS servers are
already operating.

But this is proving difficult. Simple tests plugging in the modem, and
plugging my Apple Airport into the modem gives no Internet.

I called teksavvy and they tried to walk me through configuring  the
modem to bridged mode and configuring the apple airport to do the
PPPoE stuff, but that doesn't work. Doing that no computer on the
network is able to get packets through the modem. I can traceroute and
see them go in and out of the Airport, but they never make it past the

Plugging my laptop straight into the modem and configuring PPPoE on my
laptop gives me internet.

I thought having the modem deal with PPPoE and just plugging the apple
airport into the modem (effectively a double NAT) would work, but that
doesn't work either. Or I was doing it wrong...

Am I forgetting some obvious step in redistributing my internet
connection to my LAN? I figure others on this list have to have
overcome this problem, but I'm stumped for the time being.

I will keep poking at it when I get home from work, my next step is to
put together the gateway machine and see if that gives me any
different results with various configurations. I have a hunch a
properly configured debian box won't have any trouble doing what I

Also, on a slightly related note, does anyone have any computer
chassis they aren't using? I need to find a case for the components
for my gateway.  :). I've been kijiji-ing for it but not much luck

Any and all help is appreciated, thanks in advance, and belated happy
turkey day :)

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