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> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/11514901
> Microsoft launches phones.  Actually looks interesting, not that I'll be
> getting one personally :).  Looks like they've got an app development kit,
> for all you programmers.
> Not much in the way of details in the video, but I expect everything will
> be closed source.

This is not their "phone". It says Samsung on the handset. This is version 7
of their Windows Mobile (previously known as WinCE).

They had an initiative to have their own Microsoft branded phone, called
Kin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Kin but they discontinued it.
because Google discontinued directly selling their Nexus One? I don't know.

As for Windows for Mobile phones, the phone I used until over a month ago
was made by HTC, and had Windows Mobile 5. I liked the hardware, but
hated everything about the operating system. EVERYTHING! It was desktop
centric still, hard to navigate, many options missing, ...etc.

Everything they said in the video is available already in Android (and I
Apple too). The only exception (at least for Android) is the "all your
activity in one place", so as to not go in and out of apps all the time.

Someone will write an app that does that I am sure.

HD Video? Already have it! Easy navigation? Check! AMOLED screen? HTC
Desire and Nexus One have it, and a bunch of others.

Apple and Microsoft can keep their monopolies. I like Android, and not just
because it is Linux underneath. It is functional, open, extensible and has a
large app base.
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