[kwlug-disc] Rogers Cable internet speed

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Fri Oct 8 01:00:03 EDT 2010

Khalid Baheyeldin wrote, On 10/08/2010 12:14 AM:
> And here is another thing for those who are reading this far: if you call
> Rogers and ask for offers and promotions, you can knock about $10 off the
> regular price for a year. You can do the same for cable, with more savings,
> maybe $15.

Pricing is still higher though. And after that year, it's a bit of a 
rude shock. ($90/month) [My place is too far from C.O. for Bell.]

I think one has to have a sense of your own traffic levels and 
patterns. The price difference between Rogers (no 5Mbps equivalent 
service, 3, or 10), vis a vis competitors PLUS dry loop fees, may be 
insignificant, if Rogers' 'slow everything encrypted down' policy is 
acceptable to you.

Vs. dry loop providers with less onerous traffic shaping - although 
AFAIK, Bell does traffic shaping 4PM - 8PM'ish too.

Also note that Rogers will bundle services for a better deal 
(permanently) - but not if you're on, for example, basic cable, as I 
am. Or on a cell plan, but not Pay As You Go, as I also am.

Me, I'd like to be vendor independent, and off both Bell and Rogers. 
When I get that far. Perhaps an (ATSC) antenna some day will get me 
off basic cable, but I doubt it. It will be a sad day when basic cable 
goes away and I have to have a digital terminal. [Andrew K. - any 
updates on your antenna experience?]

Guess I'll be waiting a long time for free TV via the internet, 
without commercials, at HD resolutions.

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