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> I mentioned before on the list that I'd like to see a linux version of the
> ipad/slate/sony tablet/whatever.  I think one of you folks should find a
> hardware manufacturer to build one that's full of open components, create an
> online marketplace like apple has (to sell apps, or just make them available
> for a small download fee) then go on the dragon's den to get some cash to
> build it all.
> I'd do it, but I'm too busy.  You should do it because I want an OSS tablet
> computer.  that's a good reason right?

Already happened, or on its way.

The operating system is called Android (yes, Linux based).

The store is called Android Market. You can browse it using a more friendly
interface than Google's at this site http://androlib.com/ or this one
Skype just added their app to the Market today. There are many thousands
of apps in there.

There are even other independent markets, e.g. http://slideme.org/

The hardware is on its way, from Samsung (Galaxy Tab), Dell (Streak),
and others.

What Apple has going for it, from a business point of view, is that they
control the entire stack (hardware, operating system, and store), and
they control the quality of apps more than others. They also have less
variants of hardware/operating systems, where as the Android devices
are made by many vendors, and each has their own features, quirks,
extensions to the O.S., ..etc.

I use an Android phone, and love the ecosystem.
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