[kwlug-disc] Announcement: (Alternate) Meeting Space for kwlug secured - King & William

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Tue Oct 5 16:40:44 EDT 2010

Joe Wennechuk wrote, On 10/05/2010 4:10 PM:
> $0.02
> I take the Bus from Cambridge, and for me King and William are a
> lot farther, and serviced less by public transport than SJK, and as
> the time gets later, like after meetings, the bus is less frequent.
> King and William would be inconvenient; for me anyhow.

Been a long time since I've taken a bus, but King & William is on the 
main line, every 10 minutes, IIRC. I would have thought more go 
up/down King than up/down Victoria. But what do I know.

Any local bus riders know different / have a different experience?

More importantly - anyone else coming from Cambridge that can give Joe 
a ride home, at least?

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