[kwlug-disc] Announcement: (Alternate) Meeting Space for kwlug secured - King & William

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Mon Oct 4 08:39:47 EDT 2010

Dear kwlug:

I have just been notified by First United (King & William in Waterloo)
that we have now been approved to meet there, with wi-fi internet
access, without charge.

We have been approved to meet there for many months now, however, only 
recently has free public wi-fi access been established for general use.

Which is to say - if, when, and should, kwlug desire or require an
alternative to SJK, this location is in the hopper and will be
available. Subject to room availability, of course, but there are
several suitable rooms, so that should not be a problem. In the end,
because of the extensive approval process now traversed, we are
pre-approved - unlike any other alternate site proposed to date, a 
single phone call would immediately secure space for kwlug to meet.

This location satisfies all criteria laid out at
http://kwlug.org/node/719 (kwlug meetings - location facilities
criteria.) [Please note: This page is not an 'official' statement of
kwlug's position, however, it was presented to the list some time ago
and debated, if only slightly. It seems to be the consensus of kwlug,
or at least the list, given the lack of contradiction with the contents.]

Map: http://tinyurl.com/kwlugaltmeetlocation

Personally, I find it all but impossible to hear at SJK. I miss a
substantial amount of what is being said - due to background noise,
and the (need for an) audio system. That is largely my own personal
situation, but not entirely - others have expressed the same sentiment.

I do not want to reopen the unresolved voluminous discussion of late
last / early this year by this posting, I am merely notifying kwlug
and the list of a successful conclusion to my proposal and attempt to 
secure an alternate meeting site for kwlug, should it wish to make use 
of it.

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