[kwlug-disc] Mind mapping sw - reivsited

Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 2 22:33:06 EDT 2010

I actually had the same question and even created a topic request


I currently use FreeMind, mainly because it does all I need and it's multi-platform so I can use it at home and work.

- Super easy to use. 
- I barely touch the mouse to navigate and edit. It just feels natural.
- Multi-platform
- Exports to PDF, HTML, ODT, Flash.

In general, the use of mind mapping has helped me cut the time it takes to understand problems, prepare documents and explain things to others. It allows me to think in non-linear ways.

It's even won me kudos from my AVP as a few minutes after I had a meeting with him, I had a mind map that represented what we had talked about, He took it to the VP and made for an easy explanation.

And of course, organizing the Linux development ecosystem would have been way more difficult with out it.

I still would like to know how free mind compares to other mind mapping software.
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> For some reason did some poking about
> wrt mind mapping software. Probably due to kwlug disc thread
> not long ago / Raul.
> Seems there's 3 popular apps out there:
> - freemind - hadn't hear of this until Raul.
> - freeplane - recent fork of freemind.
> - xmind
> Any particular pros/cons of any of the above / list users
> of them caring to comment?
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