[kwlug-disc] upgrading a fedora 7 server to something more recent

Chris Bruner cbruner at quadro.net
Thu Nov 25 15:39:20 EST 2010

On 11/25/2010 3:25 PM, John Van Ostrand wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
>> On 11/25/2010 3:15 PM, John Van Ostrand wrote:
>> No, it's a godaddy virutal dedicated server and they are hands off
> So you must be able to get a console via VNC or something.
Sorry, I miss-understood you.  Yes I can access root through ssh.
I did find an repository and tried upgrading according to the 
instructions on
which looked pretty reasonable to me.
There were no release notes on the repository and the version was 8-6 
instead of 8-3.

A number of the missing dependancies in libraries were found (libc.so.6 
among them) libc.so.6 is in /lib/ so now I'm confused.

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