[kwlug-disc] Small business FOSS (systems/accounting/payroll) packages?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sat Nov 20 21:14:02 EST 2010

Anyone know of FOSS software out there, perhaps OpenOffice (Base?) based?

My volunteer organization, less than 200 volunteers, is transitioning 
from paper based to computer based systems.

There is no real accounting or payroll system need, but there is a 
need to track people and the hours they volunteer. Of course, there 
are a myriad of ways in which they have 'unique' bits of information, 
so nothing will be plug and play - some customizations will be 
necessary. Thus, easy access to the underlying database structure is 

Anyone know of such FOSS software out there for small businesses that 
could serve as a base?

I hate reinventing the wheel. (How many times and in how many ways can 
one do 'contacts', after all.) I'd rather leverage something else, 
especially since information may be acquired and maintained via, or 
reports generated to, the web, eventually. [If online collaboration 
and connectivity is a moving target as the 'internet' evolves, I'd 
rather let the package maintainers deal with the complexity of keeping 
up to date, rather than having to do it myself.]

Arguably, perhaps?, this is a CRM or CMS, not entirely sure. 
Definitely it's small business (with salary = $0/hr for everyone).

Thoughts, suggestions, search term refinements as to the nature of the 
beastie I'm searching for?

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