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Ya I was actually talking to the guy who claims(I believe him) to have initiated the XBMC on beagleboard movement when I was at LinuxCon. I forget the guy's name though. I've never used one, wanted to buy one, would like to check one out.

Once, again I highly recommend LinuxCon, aside from the flight and hotel, the conference itself was only $400, it's a non-profit organization.  The day time talks were awesome and the night time free beer and events were great. It's hosted by the Linux Foundation, who in turn pay Linus Torvalds' salary.  I signed up to become a member, it's a $100 donation, you get an @linux.com email address, some other perks and discounts from a lot of hardware vendors like Dell. Basically they try and make it easy to recoup the cost of the membership.

I got to meet a lot of people whose work I've been using for years (we've all been using). And people whose words I've been reading for years. I got to hang out with people who write for Linux Journal and Linux Pro Magazine. Spent time with some board members for the Linux Foundation. Sat next to people who I'd never be brave enough to host conversations with, like James Bottomley and Jon 'maddog' Halls... I felt like I was in Hollywood.

Richard Bettridge
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On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 3:01 PM, Richard Bettridge <rbettridge at rim.com> wrote:
> My interests are primarily media/appliance type applications such as
> my mediapc's with XBMC, open/ddwrt, and my recent purchase of
> a CarPC. I'm a long-time fan of XBMC, been using it since near its
> inception.

Welcome! I'm a should-graduate-one-of-these-years CS student at UW.
(Also a member of Kwartzlab.) I'm interested in low-level OS stuff: I've
got a Beagleboard[1] that I hear might be able to run XBMC, and I've
got a WRT53GL running OpenWRT that I've been meaning to hack
away at.

See you at the December meeting!

1 - http://beagleboard.org/

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