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Chris Bruner cbruner at quadro.net
Wed Nov 17 15:44:02 EST 2010

Hi Richard,
You sound like an interesting guy.  Your DIY stuff prompted me to write, 
and point you towards another kw group that you may be interested in. 
They have Tuesday Open nights were anyone can come and check them out. 
http://www.kwartzlab.ca/ To see a bit of the lab check this out. 

On 11/17/2010 3:01 PM, Richard Bettridge wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently signed up for this mailing list and wanted to introduce myself.
> My name's Richard Bettridge, I'm a 26 years old. I've been using Linux 
> since around '97 though I probably only started to really 'get it' 
> around 2001. I've been using Linux in a professional capacity for 
> about that past 7 years. I currently do performance based 
> testing/tuning on infrastructure software.
> I had attended LinuxCon for my first time this year back in August. I 
> must say for the low price it was highly entertaining. I'd recommend 
> it. I'll be going next year.  I found out about the KWLUG by accident 
> while looking for an Ontario based Linux Conference, to which I found 
> Ontario GNU Linux Fest. It wasn't happening this year but some good 
> came of it is it lead me to stumble upon this local group. Kind of 
> wish I had thought to look sooner.
> My preference has always been Debian and derived distributions. Though 
> I primarily work with Redhat and Suse products at work. So I'm looking 
> forward to the upcoming meeting in which Debian seems to be the topic.
> My interests are primarily media/appliance type applications such as 
> my mediapc's with XBMC, open/ddwrt, and my recent purchase of a CarPC. 
> I'm a long-time fan of XBMC, been using it since near its inception.
> I spend most of my time writing scripts to automate things on my 
> network. Also I've always been a big fan of PHP and like to write 
> web-based methods for accessing various services from my home network.
> Recently I've started to learn python. I've hacked other's python 
> scripts in the past but now I've had reason to actually get fluent 
> with the language. I must say it is not what I'm used to at all. I'm 
> more of a perl/bash kind of guy. So if anyone's a py-pro...
> I also have been very interested in getting my non-savvy friends 
> accustom to using Ubuntu with no complaints or want to head back to 
> Windows (I'd rather help them with a real problem that is worth 
> solving than help them remove malware). So far so good. Just leave 
> them with an ultimatum, try Linux or find another computer guy you can 
> pay in beer. It's really no different than the learning curve if they 
> switched to a Mac, I tell them.
> I'd like to think I know a good amount of low-level knowledge on email 
> and http transactions. It has been my primary career focus for the 
> past 5 years. So if anyone is interested in that sort of stuff I'm 
> sure we can leverage each other.
> I'm often doing DIY electronic projects, though I know very little 
> about electronic components. I can always use advice in that area.
> I look forward to meeting all of you in December's meeting. I would 
> have attended November's Social Night but I thought it would be better 
> to get a first impression of one of the structured meetings.
> Thanks,
> Richard Bettridge
> Software Testing Specialist
> BIS-E SV&V Performance
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