[kwlug-disc] Social Night feedback and future topics

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Wed Nov 17 01:04:23 EST 2010

Raul Suarez wrote, On 11/16/2010 10:31 PM:
> I think that the people to ask to is the people that don't usually
> go to the pub after. For me it was a similar experience (hence
> redundant in that regard).
> Do the people that do not go to Zekes after felt the nice
> camaraderie I do at the after meeting?
> I didn't see the exchange of "this is the project I'm working on"
> kind of things that was part of the purpose. But had the
> opportunity to talk to other people I hadn't mingled with before.
> So 2 our of 1 for me wasn't bad. My opinion is that it was a nice
> meeting and I enjoyed it.

It almost sounds like ... <COUGH> ... more of such meetings should be 
held in a pub atmosphere? i.e. break earlier and toddle off, that night?

Even to ... <COUGH> ... the Huether?

Perhaps in the spring when the patio is open?

Does this suggest social nights would preferably be scheduled for such 
weather times?

Not to take anything away from this last one.

<COUGH> as in ... there weren't many more furious than I at the 
Huether (and it led to a great deal of navel-gazing kerfluffle, and a 
lot of effort on my part to find an alternative location possibility), 
so for me to even <HACK> suggest it ... is quite the statement.

The venue was pretty attractive for a lot of reasons for many people, 
in various ways. In warmer weather.

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