[kwlug-disc] Social Night feedback and future topics

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Tue Nov 16 16:43:29 EST 2010

Joe Wennechuk wrote, On 11/16/2010 4:04 PM:
> I would also very much like to know about IP6...

IPv6 is something I wish would just go away.

Mostly because of the aggravation, because it's different and I don't 
understand the issues/integration, because of the half baked schemes 
I've passed by in the mean time, and inconsistent elements / 
implementations in the mean time.

Having said that, I agree with the necessity, and the inevitability. 
I'm just not looking forward to the aggravation of the transition 
period. I'd rather just hide - someone tell me when it's over and done 
and in place.

e.g. Leave me on IPv4 until everyone else (ISP and up) is done (and 
e.g. Rogers, is handing out (DHCP) IPv6 addresses to me), _then_ I'll 
switch. Once.

Unfortunately, that's not realistic, so I perk up when I hear 'IPv6'. 
It is inevitable. So, if John can provide a magic wand, say 'Do it 
this way and you're all done!', I'd sure appreciate it. (-:

I may not like it, but I'll sure be listening.

I just hope the rug won't be continuously jerked about under our feet 
on the path to full implementation completion. Wishful thinking I suspect.

It will also be interesting to hear about the consequences of IPv6. 
e.g. In essence, it will permit an absolutely unique address for 
anything. A consequence of which might be a world wide revamp of the 
phone dialling scheme, lending consistency and the same dialling / 
addressing scheme, everywhere. If you thought the move to 10-digit 
dialling was annoying ... OTOH no more "I'm in England so I dial this 
different way." What fun!

I suspect the consequences of IPv6 will be quite staggering. And, 
thus, the irritation level during the lengthy transition period.

Don't like it - but will be listening.

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