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John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Tue Nov 16 16:04:19 EST 2010

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> Our November meeting consisted of a social night.
> How did people feel about it? Currently we don't seem to have another
> one scheduled, but the original thinking was that it should be twice a
> year. That would make our next social night May.
> Should I schedule this? Are we happy with the frequency of social
> nights?

I enjoyed it, although I wasn't feeling all that great that night. Semi-annually would be fine.
> Also: I am still interested in the topic of data recovery. John: are
> you still willing to present OpenSleuth? If so, you could have a 20
> minute slot as part of our demo night in March, you could have a half
> slot (May? June?) or you can have a full presentation slot. This offer
> (for
> this topic or others) goes to anybody else reading this as well.

Since SluethKit requires a talk about file system basics I think 1 hour should do. That's your half-slot for May isn't it?

> One topic I am interested in is understanding IPv6 from a practical
> perspective. What do we need to know? Is there some transition
> deadline that we should be worrying about?

That's a good one and it is likely something we will have to deal with in the next 18 months. If no-one puts up their hand for this I'll volunteer. It's something I've paid attention to but haven't put in place yet.

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