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For privacy to (have) been an issue, there has to have been, be, or 
there be a fear of, an abuse of the lack of privacy.

In the past, there has been no mechanism to disseminate private 
details so far, so fast. Not so, today.

Intrusive marketing, theft of credit card details (?), many would 
consider an abuse of the lack of privacy.

So, has there been an actual abuse of the lack of privacy?

Which is to say, is the fear of lack of privacy justified?

Raul Suarez wrote, On 05/31/2010 2:58 PM:
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>> 2010, 2:43 PM As has been noted, it's not just the facebook
>> platform that needs to be OSS.  it's the behind the scenes data
>> collection that's the problem with facebook.
> I am sure that this is not a problem of the software model
> (Proprietary/FLOSS) as you well identify on your first paragraph.
> It has to do with the trust on the people hosting the data. Not
> only trust on their moral compass but also on their technical
> ability to keep the data safe.
> I really think that the privacy issues with Facebook have more to
> do with ignorance or personal choice more than a failure of the
> platform.
> Social media is one of the components of the Global Village where
> everybody knows what everyone else is up to.
> Privacy as we know it, is really a quite modern concept. As a
> species we are naturally gregarious so maybe the privacy experiment
> is proving to be too much of a strain on our collective self?
> Not that I personally wish to end privacy, but maybe that's because
> I am a man of the (old) times that never lived in a small village.
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