[kwlug-disc] PostgreSQL vs SQL Server Installation Faceoff

Fernando Duran liberosec at yahoo.ca
Mon May 31 12:37:35 EDT 2010

IFAIK the SQL server install is just for the engine. Also it was install form SD disk and pg from internet.

Also as I said, it was "a bit silly".
Fernando Duran

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--- On Mon, 5/31/10, Fernando Duran <liberosec at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> A bit silly but for the Windows people who think everything is easier on a graphical
> environment:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tacsV4PVmCw
> TL;DR: Postgres installs from the Internet in 42 seconds
> with one command, SQL Server takes several minutes 

I think that before sending it around, ensure that they are comparing apples to apples.

SQL Server installs a bunch of management and integration tools along with the database engine.

I haven't seen the video (I'm at the office) but I'll be paying attention when I do.

I still think that it is painful to install SW in Windows once you get used to the Linux way but I also think that unfair comparisons are in detriment of the message.

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