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Michael Savage msavageca at yahoo.ca
Tue May 25 12:16:42 EDT 2010

I have been lurking a while, and this is a good forum. A lot of good discussion and we do allow for people to make mistakes. After all, that is how we learn. I've learned more from my mistakes than anything else. Unfortunately, email is a really bad medium for people to understand your message. Often what you write is misinterpreted by others. Without the body language that face to face communication provides, we are left with only words. And therefore we miss a lot of the tone/intent of the communication.

This is a good example of this list operates. I am impressed with level of civility and graciousness expressed. I am also pleased to see concerns raised and answered.

Blundering on,

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On Tuesday, May 25, 2010 11:28:05 am Dave Cramer wrote:
> That's a little harsh, everyone makes mistakes ....

It wasn't intended to be harsh at all, and in fact I felt I was very 
diplomatic. If you haven't got time to check it, then don't send it on 
assuming it's good since, as you said, we all make mistakes.

I certainly am not as upset about it as my email appears to make me out to be.


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