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> IIRC, we're not going to get the competition you think.
> IIRC, the new players will mostly be AWS (?), with coverage limited to the
> major centers only - not national.

Pure AWS phones will have some of these limitations, but not necessarily all
of them.

For example, the AWS version of the NexusOne has GSM frequencies in it as
well, so it will work as a GMS phone.

See here https://www.google.com/phone/choose?hl=en&gl=CA&s7e=

Another factor is that an AWS phone here (e.g. from WIND Mobile) will have
roaming agreements with AWS carriers in the USA. If you don't have a phone
that supports both AWS and GSM, but don't travel to (say) Europe, you will
not feel any difference.

Some new entrants will be irrelevant locally / nationally.
> I've stopped holding my breath. Vapourcarriers?

There are 2 new entrants, WIND Mobile (AWS), and Mobilicity (GSM afaik)


Still limited coverage, but given time, they should compete well with the
entrenched monopolies.
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