[kwlug-disc] kwlug impressions of Android? [Was: Re: DailyTech - Android 2.2 Now Available for Nexus One Users]

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Mon May 24 01:44:25 EDT 2010

Raul Suarez wrote, On 05/24/2010 12:19 AM:
> --- On Sun, 5/23/10, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:
>> worth it? Raul, your impression based on observing your son?
> Observing my son:
> He has a $50 data plan (teenager with a stable job) that lasts him
> with bandwidth to spare.
> But he has it configured so it goes WiFi when he's at home plus he
> works hard and don't use the phone while he's working.
> He has it rooted with a custom firmware (CyanogenMod).
> He is loving it. Now, he barely ever touches the computer. The
> phone feels responsive, clean, hasn't crashed yet and the app store
> has a good selection of apps. e.g. just downloaded the free
> Mythmote app to remote control a Myth front end through WiFi.
> I don't think he's found anything he wants to do but cannot do.
> BTW, Before the Android, he bought an iPhone but sold it as soon as
> he could once he realized the hell jailbreaking was, with Apple
> fighting against his customers.

Thanks for the note, Raul. (Does he develop? Or it's just that he 
wanted apps that he could not easily get via the store, so went 
Android to stop fighting the iPhone aggravation?)

Going sideways for a moment: The Palm has always been a touch screen. 
Blackberry not, IIRC. iPhone is, and I assume Android and Symbian are. 
Is it the touchscreen that is really making it 'user friendly'?

If all one wanted was e-mail, does Android / iPhone bring anything to 
the party over Blackberry? (Set aside the enterprise advantages that 
Blackberry brings to this area, for the purposes of this thread.)

If one wants more than e-mail, one goes non-Blackberry, and it's the 
Apple appStore 'user friendliness' that has made non-e-mail-apps 
viable? It sounds like Android has a just as easy to use store 
(without the Apple limitations.)

Android is going to win?

Where lies Symbian - 'equivalent' to Windows vs. Linux penetration, at 
the moment?

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