[kwlug-disc] 20+ Compaq T1010 Terminals looking for a home

Charles M chaslinux at gmail.com
Fri May 21 16:09:45 EDT 2010

We have 20 Compaq T1010 thin client's we'd like to give away (with
their power sources). These are Win CE-based terminals, but it appears
a few people have managed to use them with Linux. I was thinking they
might come in handy if someone knew of a school or public access area
that needed something to provide Internet Access. It could be one way
to spread Linux a little wider if someone wanted to invest a bit of
time building the terminal server.

Please email me if you have a use for some or all of these Thin clients.

We'll hang on to them for another month if they don't get all picked
up, then they're going to one of our OES ewaste partners.



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