[kwlug-disc] The least hassle upgrade in years ...

Kyle Spaans 3lucid at gmail.com
Tue May 18 21:31:04 EDT 2010

I also had a bit of trouble with 10.04 on my machine at work.
It's an HP z400 or so -- a fancy-pants workstation-class desktop.
It's got Xeons and an nVidia Quadro video card. I suspect the
video card was the problem because what would happen would
be that the installer/LiveCD would run fine (graphics and all), but
then on reboot into the new system video would go dead right
after boot. The system was fine though - I heard the bootup
jingle and could blindly login to get the login jingle.

I checked some log files using the LiveCD, but nothing popped
out at me. A quick google for 10.04 troubles with Quadro cards
didn't help me either. So for now I'm running 9.10 at work. I'll
try upgrading later, when I'm in the mood. :)

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