[kwlug-disc] Selling stuff on list (was: "android g1 dev phone for sale")

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Tue May 18 14:13:26 EDT 2010

Chris Frey wrote, On 05/18/2010 1:30 PM:
> On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 01:27:48PM -0400, Chris Irwin wrote:
>> I was thinking about just throwing a page up on teh interwebs
>> somewhere and posting a message outlining stuff I'm selling, and "read
>> the details at [link]". Would that be acceptable? Preferred to just
>> list it all in the message to avoid having to visit some website? What
>> about a page on the kwlug.org site for swapping/selling used items,
>> instead of hitting the list with it?
> I don't know if there is a policy, but you're a regular contributor.
> I don't see any problem with you sharing the above facts with the list.
> You're not a spammer in any case.

There is no such policy on this list.

In fact, this list has no policies, IIRC.

The list has frequently been used in the past for such. Dave's post is OK.

Any significant commercial posting would be decried, however.

There have been many similar postings over the years, all of a quite 
sporadic nature, so it's never really been a problem.

The time or two it's gotten a bit much, or a bit too frequent in too 
short a span of time, the list itself has gotten grumpy, and the 
posters themselves have reduced the level.

Chris, go ahead and throw it up on the list. Many such messages have 
triggered interesting conversations (down memory lane) or debates (PCI 
vs AGP?). Others have triggered Charles to say Computer Recycling can 
use some of the bits, if they don't find some other home. FWIW, many 
kijiji posts include a bevy of items in one shot.

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