[kwlug-disc] recommendations for wireless ethernet bridge?

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Sun May 16 13:05:37 EDT 2010

It sets up another virtual wireless device, in my case it called it eth0.1. It then supplies its own SSID for you to connect to via the virtual wireless interface.

I'd have to go looking through the config to tell you much more. I only use it when traveling to places with hotspots. 

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zixiekat at gmail.com wrote, On 05/16/2010 11:59 AM:
> I currently do this with a Linksys WTG54GL and dd-wrt. The router
> connects to a remote wifi point and provides net access to clients
> connected to the switch on the router (and in my case, clients can
> also use a virtual wireless network, so I don't have to use the
> wired ports if I don't want to.)

'Virtual wireless'?

Sounds like you're having one radio connecting to another's, and at 
the same time providing (relay) connectivity for wi-fi computers. Am I 
reading that correctly?

I take it from the comments in this thread that it's hw possible to 
both 'receive' (accept clients to 'my' wi-fi SSID) / 'transmit' 
(connect to another AP) / 'relay' (have same SSID as that other AP) on 
one radio. That's not something I see much on retail packages - so is 
that due to sw limitations / complexity then? (vs hw limitations.)

Bob, FWIW, I saw one or more TP-Link boxes at Canada Computer some 
weeks back that do this out of the box. Not as elegant a solution as 
OpenWRT. The boxes were for people in, say, trailers, getting wi-fi 
from a park, and providing hard links within the trailer. At least one 
also relayed the park wi-fi for in trailer use - presumably the box 
wi-fi was stronger to reach an AP than might be present in, say, a 
laptop. I don't remember how much they were, but they weren't stupid 
expensive. Certainly the also provided an in-trailer wi-fi / hard 
experience, so, for example, the laptop in the trailer could get to 
the printer, without a physical wire.

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