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> As in, the buntu equivalent to Red Hat for RHEL?
> Anyone have any sense as to how successful or pervasive they've been?
> i.e. Over time, will Ubuntu Server overtake RHEL?

Over a long time, perhaps. Over the short term? No, I don't see it.

Or, rather, will new server implementations be less CentOS/RHEL than
> currently, tilting towards Ubuntu Server?

The reasons are: hardware support and proprietary application support.

RHEL and SuSE still have the edge where proprietary hardware is certified
more (e.g. IBM, HP, Dell, ...), and support proprietary applications (e.g.
Oracle, Informix, DB2).

For those who use only free server based applications (e.g. LAMP), Ubuntu
Server is very compelling. I am one of the converts.

For others who rely on proprietary stuff, there is still ground to be
covered by Ubuntu.

> - thinking back to John's comments (paraphrasing / taking snippets out of
> context / etc., etc.) ... CentOS (& equivalents) are out there, people are
> used to and comfortable with it. ... but, IIRC, he notes some advantages to
> the Debian / Buntu 'style' repositories / maintenance processes.
> - ultimately, eventually, kubuntu takes over the world?

Again, maybe a bit down the road.

Not in the near future ...
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