[kwlug-disc] Can OSs demand too much?

Shane shane.msg at gmail.com
Fri May 14 14:52:04 EDT 2010

Here's the situation.  I found a vintage 2004 Toshiba laptop that had an older version of Ubuntu installed which appeared to be running quite well.  Me being me, I upgraded - yes, all the steps - to 9.10.  The problem is that now it doesn't run so well. 

It hangs while booting or, if it does get booted, while running.  It is not always at the same place or while performing the same function.  Length of time running is obviously not a factor.  

Things I have noticed: it will no longer play music, when it hangs I can move the mouse pointer but cannot get any response, sporadically while running the display will "grey down" and it won't respond for a minute or so.  Moving the mouse sometimes clears this, sometimes not.  Certain functions, bringing up gedit, are as fast as ever

Memory check reports nothing wrong.  Notice the wording.  1.2 gig RAM.  Last installation was from a CD sent from Canonical.  

Is it possible the upgraded 9.10 is asking more than the hardware can deliver?  Is it possible that moving to 10.04 will help, assuming that it is 9.10 causing it and further assuming that 10.04 will have the problem corrected or should I go back to 8.xx or before?  I am running out of theories, actually hypotheses. 

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