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On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 2:15 PM, Joe Wennechuk <
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>  I am trying to setup a simple site for my friend to put his coin
> collection online. I need a content type that will let me upload a picture
> or two of the coin, and a brief description of the coin. ind of in the blog
> style with each new one going on top etc..
> I've been looking around in the modules, but I can't find anything. Any
> Ideas; I really don't want to use cck etc to create it..

There are many ways to skin this cat.
It depends on how deep you want to go into customization land ...

If you don't want CCK, try the image module, which creates nodes of type
"image" with text descriptions attached to them. Several sizes are created,
thumbnails, full size, and preview by default. There is an image gallery
that visitors can browse too.

If you want to reconsider CCK, then there is filefield and imagefield, along
with CCK, where you can create a custom content type, called "coin" for
example, and you can have image fields attached to them. That way, you can
use views to have a custom gallery.

Drupal 7 will have fields in core by the way. So sort of CCK like.
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