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In general terms, you can use freshdrop.net to catch a lot of these domains 
before they expire.  But looks to be too late now.

The domain initial goes into a vague domain redemption period where the 
original owner can re-register it.  Once that term expires - could be 1-3 
months, then the domain drops and becomes available for registration.

Domain drops are a big, nasty business these days so you're swimming with 
the sharks with all the technology if you try a domain catching service 
(i.e. namejet.com, which for $69 will put an order in to catch the domain as 
soon as it moves from the redemption period).  So that's also risky.

So - the end result is that as already noted, call the guy in toronto.  Pay 
him to re-register the domain and the pay him to buy it from him.  If you 
wait until the domain becomes available (won't be today) then you're up 
against a lot of people and may not get it.

To get the guy's info, do a whois talar.com from your command line.

One other word of advice, if you actually want the domain, don't go fishing 
with the offer.  That can turn sour.


On 12/05/10 11:10 AM, Joe Wennechuk wrote:

Does anyone know what to do about backorder on domain names?

I want a name talar.com

It is listed as back order on go daddy. Whois says it's registered to 
godaddy, and there is no site currently at the address. NSlookup gives an 
address of which I can ping, but if I ping talar.com I get a 
could not find host. Whatdo I do here my boss wants this name, TODAY!

Joseph Wennechuk


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