[kwlug-disc] Linux capable Wireless N routers

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Sat May 8 16:45:36 EDT 2010

Khalid Baheyeldin wrote, On 05/08/2010 3:45 PM:
> Well, interesting ideas.
> But I don't want more devices to run and administer. Keeps things simple.
> Less power consumption, ...etc.
> Less is more, complexity is bad ...

I do get that, believe me.

I also know from experience that too much complexity in one device is 
also bad - especially as the order of processing becomes significant, 
and/or processing interacts and increases complexity. Where that point 
is, for each person, is probably different. And/or as flexibility 
requirements (e.g. traffic control / monitoring / filtering / 
directing) increase, richer interfaces require more capacity than may 
be present in (cheap, retail) black boxes.

e.g. If you end up wanting to run, nmap, snort, mrtg, rrdtool, and I 
forget all what else. Plus this, that, and the other thing.

Consider too, will the 4 ports be enough, or are you ultimately going 
to cascade to additional switches anyways.

OTOH, regardless of what else you do, you want the hardware to provide 
802.11n (2.4 & 5) to the house. So it's not like it's going to go to 
waste. e.g. it could ultimately become the hardwired DMZ gateway while 
providing wi-fi. Or something.

$139.99 - 

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