[kwlug-disc] "What Linux Distro Should I Use?"

Lori Paniak ldpaniak at fourpisolutions.com
Sat May 8 00:35:11 EDT 2010

Thanks for the POV and great idea John.

As previously mentioned, the LUG has recently been suffering from an
embarrassment of riches with high-quality, high-level talks from experts
on the topics.  It hasn't always been this intense - I recall a
presentation on Linux toys at my first KWLUG meeting (sorry Richard, but
I did eventually buy a RoboDog...).  

I think we could answer a lot of needs of new users by setting aside a
few meetings a year to focus on "Linux 101" topics.  Topics accessible
to all can still be useful for all.

On Fri, 2010-05-07 at 23:35 -0400, John Johnson wrote:
> I am one of the Linux newbies in the UG and am following this 
> discussion with great interest.
> Someone said:
> >We can schedule "Linux 101", and cover basics of
> >     - command-line tools,
> >     - network tools,
> >     - kvm, virtualbox, ...
> I would add to the list the following (for example):
> Firefox, Screen, and some more basic apps.
> I would suggest that the "Linux 101" be split to some bite-size 
> chunks to form a series of presentations that can, over a few 
> meetings take a user from the "follow the bouncing ball" to a basic 
> "what's next" level. In this format the "Linux 101" series can be 
> repeated every x meetings.
> But, speaking for myself, I would not want to choose between a Linux 
> 101 presentation and the main topic du jour. I have enjoyed the 
> presentations on MySQL, SSH (and its cousins) and Screen. I will 
> admit that the presentation on performance measurement was a bit over 
> my head. But I know from the presentation that these tools are 
> present and have some purpose.
> This lurker has come out of the shadows.
> Thanks all.
> John Johnson
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