[kwlug-disc] More Secure FTP Server

Kiwi Ssennyonjo kiwi at ssenn.com
Fri May 7 13:52:25 EDT 2010

Good afternoon to you all

I need advice and direction on FTP.
We have a client that is looking for a more secure ftp server with more
automation. I am not very versed with ftp.
We are looking for the following features
-Secure (SFTP, https, etc)
-automated authentication, preferably using the user's email address
  -when a user logs in they are jailed
-files and the user are deleted after a set period, five days.

The serve is going to be on CentOS 5.3, LDAP is available to be used.
The organization has a sales and purchasing departments that send all sorts
of confidential information to their clients. Clients CAN NOT, and SHOULD
NOt see and another's information. IE When quoting and trying to get a price
from ten vendors.

Thank you in advance

Kiwi Ssennyonjo
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