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to be clear, I wasn't suggesting 'instead of kwlug'.  my website is no 
more or less than it appears.

On 06/05/10 01:06 PM, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> Quoting "Insurance Squared Inc." <gcooke at insurancesquared.com>:
>> Posting content online is always a good thing.  Lets us read at our
>> leisure and makes it available to a far wider audience.
>> Along those lines, a while ago I set up linux expert dot ca, there's
>> precious little content (what with the fact that I'm no linux expert).
>> I'll happily publish any linux related articles, with credit, for those
>> inclined.
>> g.
>   that's a possibility but this is where it gets political.  one of 
> the virtues of having useful and appealing content is to draw people 
> to the site, then do some kind of marketing while they're there.  if 
> it's at kwlug.org, the marketing would simply be to attract more 
> members and make more people aware of KWLUG.  if it's at linux expert 
> (dot) ca, it's not clear what the side benefit would be.  i would vote 
> for allocating a section at kwlug.org, so that the LUG gets any 
> spinoff benefits.
> rday
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