[kwlug-disc] consider an alternative to monthly presentations ...

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Thu May 6 13:06:15 EDT 2010

Quoting "Insurance Squared Inc." <gcooke at insurancesquared.com>:

> Posting content online is always a good thing.  Lets us read at our
> leisure and makes it available to a far wider audience.
> Along those lines, a while ago I set up linux expert dot ca, there's
> precious little content (what with the fact that I'm no linux expert).
> I'll happily publish any linux related articles, with credit, for those
> inclined.
> g.

   that's a possibility but this is where it gets political.  one of  
the virtues of having useful and appealing content is to draw people  
to the site, then do some kind of marketing while they're there.  if  
it's at kwlug.org, the marketing would simply be to attract more  
members and make more people aware of KWLUG.  if it's at linux expert  
(dot) ca, it's not clear what the side benefit would be.  i would vote  
for allocating a section at kwlug.org, so that the LUG gets any  
spinoff benefits.


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