[kwlug-disc] More reasons not to use Free Software

Chris Bruner cbruner at quadro.net
Thu May 6 11:42:10 EDT 2010

John Van Ostrand wrote:
> I just filled out an renewal application for Errors and Omissions insurance for my company and there are a few new questions from last year:
> "Does the Applicant use commercially available firewall protection systems to prevent unauthorized access to
> internal networks and computer systems?"
> "Does the Applicant utilize and regularly update Anti-Virus Software?"
> "Do you provide remote access to your computer network?
> If YES, is remote access restricted to a (VPN) Virtual Private Network?
> If NO, describe the extent to which remote access is allowed to your computer network."

I wonder how they define "commercially available".  I buy software which 
happens to be free. I also pay for it by downloading it and paying for 
the bandwidth.

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