[kwlug-disc] New user breakout sessions

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed May 5 16:54:32 EDT 2010

Paul Nijjar wrote, On 05/05/2010 1:12 PM:
> I was talking with Bob Jonkman, and he suggested that we have
> "breakout sessions" at the regular KWLUG meetings. This breakout
> session could be in the room at the top of the stairs at SJK (which by
> day masquerades as a medical office). 
> Provided that the office is not in use and there is somebody there to
> supervise, I think this could work. (I will have to ask permission,
> though.) Network access should be available via the wireless. There
> are some network plugs in that room but they would likely be
> off-limits. 
> I suggest the room near the stairs because it is much quieter than the
> meeting space, and more importantly people yakking away in that room
> should not disturb the main presentation too much. 
> People at the breakout could do newbie-friendly demos, tutorials, Q&A,
> or whatever else appeals to them. If they wanted to have a theme and
> we put it up on the website/announcement list beforehand that would be
> useful as well. 
> What I would ask for is a KWLUG regular to be present in the breakout
> room for the meeting. (Maybe this person would end up doing doorbell
> duty, too.) Are there any volunteers? It would likely mean sacrificing
> your presence at the main presentation (which would continue as
> normal). 
> I was thinking we could do this starting with the July presentation. I
> guess June could work as well, but that is already an unorthodox
> meeting.

IF I'm there, AND I'm not interested in the presentation (which isn't
too likely, if I'm not interested in the presentation I'm generally
not there), I'm more than happy to play watchdog.

But I think you can play it loose - I expect someone will volunteer 
for that on any given night, it probably need not be scheduled nor the
same person every time.

And it may not necessarily have to be a formal topic, if nothing
presents itself as being appropriate, that night. I expect a number of
people would be happy to go to a back room lounge and just casually
chat. If someone with a specific question comes along, an answer would
be forthcoming.

Not much different than, when at the working center, there was usually 
a small group of people sitting in the far back corner sofa's quietly 
and casually chatting together during a presentation.

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