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Wed May 5 14:07:16 EDT 2010

I like it and am willing to help as long as I am considered a regular. 

"Fired from my bb gun"

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Subject: [kwlug-disc] New user breakout sessions

I was talking with Bob Jonkman, and he suggested that we have
"breakout sessions" at the regular KWLUG meetings. This breakout
session could be in the room at the top of the stairs at SJK (which by
day masquerades as a medical office). 

Provided that the office is not in use and there is somebody there to
supervise, I think this could work. (I will have to ask permission,
though.) Network access should be available via the wireless. There
are some network plugs in that room but they would likely be

I suggest the room near the stairs because it is much quieter than the
meeting space, and more importantly people yakking away in that room
should not disturb the main presentation too much. 

People at the breakout could do newbie-friendly demos, tutorials, Q&A,
or whatever else appeals to them. If they wanted to have a theme and
we put it up on the website/announcement list beforehand that would be
useful as well. 

What I would ask for is a KWLUG regular to be present in the breakout
room for the meeting. (Maybe this person would end up doing doorbell
duty, too.) Are there any volunteers? It would likely mean sacrificing
your presence at the main presentation (which would continue as

I was thinking we could do this starting with the July presentation. I
guess June could work as well, but that is already an unorthodox


- Paul


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