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One time years ago when visiting my daughter in Toronto I bought a magazine that had a copy of a Suse install disk.  It also let you run it from the CD.  It was, if I recall correctly, quite impressive, but I can't recall any specifics.  Xandros I have never tried. 

I don't think it really matters which is first just so long as it is an easy move.  As time progresses other distros can and should be tried to see if there is a better match.  That is why there are so many.  Try that with MS; a personalised o/s.
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> > That's why I recommend Ubuntu be first.  Lessens transplant shock,
> for want of a better term.  Nobody has to stay with Ubuntu but it does
> make things easy for newcomers. 
> > 
> Mandriva does the same thing, so I don't think that Ubuntu is
> particularly special in this regard.  Also, Mandriva has better
> graphical management tools than Ubuntu (though I have yet to try
> 10.04, so maybe it has changed.)

I'll add to what looks like the starts of a list.

I'm a Fedora user, but I've been told that openSuse and SLED are kick-a$$ desktops too.

What about some of the distros that are designed for cross-over comfort, like Xandros?

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