[kwlug-disc] Can someone help?

John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Wed May 5 07:43:18 EDT 2010

The easiest way we do this is using PHP.
Create header.php as the header including HEAD and BODY tags. Then create 
page.php with only HTML.

Then create .htaccess file and use php's directive "auto_prepend_file" 
giving header.php as the file. I don't recal the exact syntax, search for 
that directive.

Then the header.php file is called every time page.php is called.

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This is not specific to Linux.  I am playing with website development and 
the number of pages is growing.  The problem is that I want to keep the page 
heading area the same on all pages.  If it becomes necessary to change the 
page head I'd rather not have to do 36 changes; 36 now.

When I did this before, there was a way by setting a separate document and 
calling copies of it whenever the page was loaded, automatically setting up 
the heading.

Trouble is, I forget how to do it and I can't remember what this process of 
inserting text from other files is called so I have been unable to look it 
up.  I've tried many possibilities but nothing has worked.
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