[kwlug-disc] "What Linux Distro Should I Use?"

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed May 5 03:11:48 EDT 2010

Gary Walsh wrote, On 05/04/2010 9:31 AM:
> On Tue, 2010-05-04 at 08:43 +0000, Shane wrote:
>> I moved from Debian to Ubuntu years ago because I didn't have the
>> time to learn everything and keep up with upgrades.  With Ubuntu
>> I was presented with an update, asked if I wanted it to proceed,
>> answered that I did and it was updated.  Didn't have to know much
>> about anything until later on my own time.
>> That's why I recommend Ubuntu be first.  Lessens transplant
>> shock, for want of a better term.  Nobody has to stay with Ubuntu
>> but it does make things easy for newcomers.
> Mandriva does the same thing, so I don't think that Ubuntu is 
> particularly special in this regard.  Also, Mandriva has better 
> graphical management tools than Ubuntu (though I have yet to try
> 10.04, so maybe it has changed.)

Hmm. Didn't realize that. (More gui tools.)

Is that inherent to the distro, or just that Mandriva typically
packages a particular set of tools? i.e. Load the same tools on any
distro and achieve much the same effect? (Is there a tool list somewhere?)

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