[kwlug-disc] "What Linux Distro Should I Use?"

John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Tue May 4 10:19:03 EDT 2010

----- "Gary Walsh" <gwalsh at notw.ca> wrote:

> > That's why I recommend Ubuntu be first.  Lessens transplant shock,
> for want of a better term.  Nobody has to stay with Ubuntu but it does
> make things easy for newcomers. 
> > 
> Mandriva does the same thing, so I don't think that Ubuntu is
> particularly special in this regard.  Also, Mandriva has better
> graphical management tools than Ubuntu (though I have yet to try
> 10.04, so maybe it has changed.)

I'll add to what looks like the starts of a list.

I'm a Fedora user, but I've been told that openSuse and SLED are kick-a$$ desktops too.

What about some of the distros that are designed for cross-over comfort, like Xandros?

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