[kwlug-disc] "What Linux Distro Should I Use?"

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Good points. 

My only concern is someone that is an introvert and unsure of themselves being scared and not trying to come out because they don't know what to expect or who they can approach with some confidence. After attending the meetings I know that this is unwarranted, but is there some way that we can help them get them over this fear?

I like the idea of the impromptu meeting at the break for new user help. That is something that people can volunteer for at the start of the meeting instead of putting the onus on one person. 

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On Tue, May 4, 2010 at 8:27 AM, bbierman <bbierman42 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Would it help if we has an new user ambassador, with a picture of that person on the website. This way a more timid individual would know who to look for at the meeting. The ambassador could show up 15 mins early and answer general questions about the group, linux and FLOSS.

We had a little bit of that last night.

> I think a single initial voice will be less confusing and intimidating than a many differing voices (which sometimes happens).

Sure.  Are you volunteering?  ;-)

One challenge is that no single person can answer every question from
every newcomer.  Another challenge is that this plan turns the
attendance of that one 'voice' person into an obligation.  We don't
want that, do we?  I expect that the 'voice' person doesn't want that.

We have had meeting announcements welcoming newcomers and assuring
them that "asking anybody is okay," but we don't do that every month.

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