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> From the original post, it would be more interesting to compare CentOS vs.
> Kubuntu (Debian), 1/2 night each, in each of these areas.
> To put it poorly, in essence, popular desktop maintenance vs. popular
> server maintenance.

Why the false dichotomy?

Ubuntu has a KDE desktop version (Kubuntu), as well as a server edition
with 5 year long term support.

The system level commands work the same on both (e.g. starting/stopping
daemons, upgrading to latest versions, ...etc.)

If one is not server inclined, then

In my view and experience, it is best to have servers headless with no
GUI at all, just ssh. Frees up resources for other stuff, have less possible
attack vectors, less stuff to configure and upgrade.

So, to rephrase the question: it would be CentOS vs. Ubuntu/Debian Server.
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