[kwlug-disc] topic request

Andrew Cant acant at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Mon May 3 15:51:52 EDT 2010

> Break it out like LAMP / Apache tuning / MySQL has been?

I like that idea, and I would be willing to present one or more topics
in that context. It will force me to actually go an learn some of the
details of the Debian system.

Topics that I can think off/summarize on the "Debian Way":
- Debian installation configuration (already covered by Eric as apart
of his awesome automatic installation presentation)
- creating Debian packages
- using Debian packages high-level (aptitude, synaptic, Ubuntu
Software Installer)
- using Debian packages low-level (apt, dpkg, dpkg-reconfigure,...)
- general how Debian works overview (philosophy + history + guidelines
+ outline of the system)
- how to configure the "Debian Way" (network, kernel compilation, how
things fit in with the LSB?)

To my thinking that could be 3-5 potential presentations?

Would a how Debian and Ubuntu are related make an interesting
presentation? Or more generally it could be about how Debian
derivatives work, and Ubuntu is just one of the examples.


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