[kwlug-disc] OT - degauss/wipe a dead hard drive/LTO tapes

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The magnetic field has to be moved in close proximity.  The easiest way is to pass an alternating through it.  The other, of course, is moving the magnet physically which becomes more difficult as the size of the magnet increases and the space in which to move it decreases.  This assumes relatively easy access. 
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> Call me cavalier, but...
> If the drive is from 2006, it will cost more wipe it (or think about
> wiping it!) for RMA than it would cost to go out and buy a new one
> with
> twice the capacity.  
> If the data on it is that sensitive, buy yourself a new drive and
> good
> drill with bit.  After you set up the new drive you can take the old
> one
> apart and drill as many holes in the platters as it takes to be
> comfortable.  Access to a drill-press?  Even better.  Plus, you'll
> have
> the tools to safely dispose of any drive in the future!

It's also fun to take apart things and good for the kids.

As for degaussing, you'll find two very strong magnets in every drive you take apart. Use one to pin a Linux Journal onto the fridge. Seems just putting strong magnets next to a disk won't affect the data on it.

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