[kwlug-disc] First observations on Lucid Lynx

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Raul Suarez wrote, On 05/02/2010 10:05 PM:
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>> wrote:
>>> This is an honest question. Not a rhetorical
>> question  or attempt to wakeup
>>> the desktop fanboy demons. What do you find
>> alluring about KDE?
>> I don't like the way Gnome apps work. I don't like the way Gnome
>> apps "feel"....
> I was actually asking about what was alluring about KDE that I'm
> missing. Not what was bad about Gnome.
> I should have been more clear.

Nah. What you said was well done, and appropriately put.

And, I think, responded to in the same manner.

What's very clear is people have preferences for all sorts of reasons, 
some specifically described, and others for mere feel.

And, clearly some of those reasons is because we like it better than 
the other guy. Just as reasonable an answer, for them, as anything else.

Neither is right nor wrong, it's whatever works for you.

I suspect many more than have said continue to use what they use 
because they're used to it. Probably not much different than some of 
the comments you made gnome vs. kde - you like gnome, are used to it, 
so changes (too many keyclicks) become annoying and a barrier to 
getting on with your day.

What's really nice, vis a vis the Mac / iThing discussion, is you can 
use either, and it's all Linux. As, I think it was Andrew, said, there 
is no wall to this garden.

And KDE and Gnome exist in harmony.

Take that Windows and Mac!

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