[kwlug-disc] home voip/backup server recommendations

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sat May 1 13:00:46 EDT 2010

Insurance Squared Inc. wrote, On 05/01/2010 11:08 AM:
> I'm setting up my home office and would like some recommendations in 
> terms of hardware for the main 'server'.
> I need a box that will be always on as it will handle:
> - my offsite webserver backups
> - our asterisk phone system
> - a small inhouse mysql database.
> I've got all this running on two old tanks - server grade machines, hot, 
> loud, heavy and indestructible.  But I don't want to run those machines 
> in the basement of the house.
> Can I get away with an older dell desktop for something like this?  Or 
> should I be looking at a tower server?

Short answer - yes.

Longer answer - what they said.

Couple thoughts:
- decide what functionality you want, and how many boxes you want to 
run. e.g. Is this an opportunity to renew or consolidate your 
firewall? Does OpenWRT make sense? (QoS) Do you want more than 1 box? 
You've said voip, and file storage, and mysql, anything else? e.g. 
lighter hardwared replicated hosted web server for testing before 
production and/or backup web server (configuration).
- backup strategy? i.e. This will drive storage requirements, and 
combined with the above, number of boxes / slots. Then buy an 
appropriately sized case.

Why not run in the basement? Probably more fireproof. Does a net 
connected usb/external storage/drive have a place in the layout?

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