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unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sat May 1 09:55:10 EDT 2010

Bob Jonkman wrote, On 05/01/2010 2:09 AM:
>  >But not, I think, very low level dpkg tools?
> I only know 'dpkg -l' and recently learned that 'dpkg-reconfigure' 
> exists. Or is that 'dpkg -reconfigure'?  So yes, yet another session on 
> low level dpkg tools would be nice.

I disagree, it would blow time out of the water. This would become 
multi-meeting, like 3.

dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg (?) isn't an unavoided standard in your 
world? (And it's about the only one I know / use.) (-:

> And also, when should I use Synaptic vs. Ubuntu Software Centre?

Personal preference / when you are choosing computer roles, not 
packages. (?)

> Aptitude vs. dselect?  Does a package not from a respository installed 
> with gdebi still play nicely with dependencies?  Inquiring mind wants to 
> know.  (And should someone respond to these questions on-list, I'll need 
> reminding at a meeting in a few months anyway)

That actually would be coverable at this high level.

Part of where I was coming from is, there's a whole lot of stuff to 
surrounding an executable such that it can become a package. Not sure 
how much time there would be for such in one session, before 
saturation hits. Especially if the session is split between Debian and 

> On Fri, 30 Apr 2010 at 23:22, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote 
> about Re: [kwlug-disc] topic request:
>> Different issues, I think, best dealt with separately.
>> But definitely a worthy issue.
>> Given threads in the list, it would be interesting to see a similarly
>> split presentation - one on both 'OS's, and a second on the two
>> package management 'tasks'.
>> I wouldn't want too deep a dive on either one though. e.g. OS', first
>> stop, is people often need headers to compile against the kernel,
>> etc., etc. Next might be a kernel module (e.g. dazuko/compatibility).
>> Next could be the kernel itself. [To nod to Bob on his past
>> presentation, device drivers get in here too.] Then perhaps a trivial
>> kernel mod.
>>     Also in here, but perhaps making things too complex, is following the
>> messages that appear on screen, which is doing what, which are/n't
>> kernel related, etc.
>> Same 'higher' level on package management - system software
>> maintenance steps: apt-get (aptitude?) mechanics, then rpm mechanics.
>> Perhaps, both, to wrapping something up to give to someone else, or to
>> send up to a repository. But not, I think, very low level dpkg tools?
>> So, one night, OS', Debian (kubuntu) contrasted with CentOS, another
>> night aptitude contrasted with rpm?
>> Certainly package management methodology has been a not infrequent 
>> list topic - usually coming up with 'what distro to use.' The answer 
>> to which seems to usually surround which package manager are you more 
>> comfortable with.
>> Khalid Baheyeldin wrote, On 04/30/2010 9:07 PM:
>>> How about you expand that to include packaging application as .deb?
>>> Would that make for a 2 hour-ish presentation.
>>> On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 8:54 PM, Eric Gerlach
>>> <eric+kwlug at gerlach.ca<eric%2Bkwlug at gerlach.ca>
>>>> wrote:
>>>> On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 11:19:40PM -0400, Stephen Palmateer wrote:
>>>>> Permission to request a discussion about building the linux kernel 
>>>>> from
>>>>> source.
>>>>> I am attempting to build the CentOS 5.4 kernel from source and am
>>>>> frustrating my colleagues with questions they cannot answer.
>>>>> I have only been using linux (of one colour or another) for about a 
>>>>> year
>>>> now
>>>>> and have been attending the KWLUG meetings for the last four months.
>>>> I can do something on building kernels The Debian Way (TM) (also
>>>> includes Ubuntu), but I can't help with CentOS.  I could probably split
>>>> the presentation with someone else.
>>>> No demos though... takes a little while to build a kernel :-)
>>>> Also, I'm not ready to commit to a date on this one, so don't sign me
>>>> up.

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