[kwlug-disc] "What Linux Distro Should I Use?"

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed May 5 03:10:35 EDT 2010

Richard Weait wrote, On 05/04/2010 8:52 AM:
> On Tue, May 4, 2010 at 8:27 AM, bbierman <bbierman42 at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Would it help if we has an new user ambassador, with a picture of
>> that person on the website. This way a more timid individual
>> would know who to look for at the meeting. The ambassador could
>> show up 15 mins early and answer general questions about the
>> group, linux and FLOSS.
> We had a little bit of that last night.
>> I think a single initial voice will be less confusing and
>> intimidating than a many differing voices (which sometimes
>> happens).
> Sure.  Are you volunteering?  ;-)
> One challenge is that no single person can answer every question
> from every newcomer.  Another challenge is that this plan turns the
>  attendance of that one 'voice' person into an obligation.  We
> don't want that, do we?  I expect that the 'voice' person doesn't
> want that.
> We have had meeting announcements welcoming newcomers and assuring 
> them that "asking anybody is okay," but we don't do that every
> month.

I can see both points here.

Perhaps the 'one person' really only need be an electronic initial
public point of contact? And that person really just directing
traffic? Heck, wouldn't everyone just be thrown over to the list?
(Electronically speaking.) Don't think I've ever heard anyone say the
list isn't new user friendly. I do think I've heard entirely the
opposite. Not to say they might not be a little overwhelmed some
times, but the subject line keeps it easy to see who is responding to
a question posed.

At a meeting, if the questioner can roughly say the area they're 
looking for help in, the 'central newbie person' ('New User Host of 
the Night'?) can poll the audience for someone who would be willing to 
take a stab at it (at the side?). It would have to be a really far out 
question for no victim, er, solver, to be found, and even in that case 
probably a number of people would get fascinated and they'd all go over.

So, more a traffic cop / nobody left behind person than an 'directly
expert in everything' person?

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