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--- On Sun, 5/2/10, Khalid Baheyeldin <kb at 2bits.com> wrote:Any Kubuntu users out there who have upgraded to 10.04?

Any gotchas so far?
This is an honest question. Not a rhetorical question  or attempt to wakeup the desktop fanboy demons.
What do you find alluring about KDE?
Every now and then I try a K distro, I like how it looks, I like the consistency of the apps, but after I find the same annoyances that made me switch I go back to Mint with Gnome.
Knowing that you prefer it: I'd like to know what I'm missing.
Maybe if I list those annoyances you can show me workarounds or just make me realize that I think differently than the KDE devs. Please everyone, this is not a critique of KDE, Maybe a critique of my self for not having been able to overcome these annoyances.
- The menu requires too many clicks to do something. Hovering the mouse does nothing.- Option pages are too cluttered. I like having all those options, just not showing them all at the same time. e.g. For appearance I couldn't find a "Theme" section, I must select element by element. I'd prefer to have a "theme" and then tweak it if I want.- The Dolphin is too cluttered and font too small. When I was in my early 20's I learned that systems had to be designed with font "over 40". Meaning that a person over 40 should be able to read it without straining his/her eyes.
- Back to doing ANYTHING, requires too many clicks. Due to the amount of options and lack of sensible context sensitive menus.

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