[kwlug-disc] Hosts....

Charles McColm chaslinux at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 08:17:20 EDT 2010

> No It's because I can't change Folder/File permissions myself ( My 
> boss says it's for Windows security reasons ) every time I need to 
> change a permission I have to send an email with the requested changes 
> and it takes anywhere from 1-4 hours. I made a couple of mistakes  
> setting up omnimailer ., and had to re do some stuff, and it's taking 
> me days to do what should take hours, or even minutes. Also I needed 
> to run a 

Welcome to IT Joe! As much as you'd like to make changes, as an IT 
person within an organization you don't always get to do what you want 
without jumping through several hoops. *chuckle* Seriously, I think 
you've done what you can, showing the boss some FLOSS, just keep working 
on the project, and don't give up. If the boss wants it done a certain 
way he may have reasons, even if they don't appear to be good reasons to 
you. Sometimes the larger picture doesn't come into view until you've 
been with the company/organization for awhile.

I can certainly see that if the boss has invested a lot of time working 
with Windows infrastructure he's not going to be too keen on moving to 
Linux, even if you can show him something more impressive.

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