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On Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 2:48 PM, Joe Wennechuk <
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>  Mailman is Python, not ASP. I have not checked if it runs under Windows.
> But your/he are already using PHP for omnimail. So the "has to be ASP"
> seems not to be an absolute.
>  I think maybe I can get the python going, but what I don't understand is
> how FrontPage will react. Like for example We have the website locally and
> When we make changes locally we hit publish and It syncs with the server and
> sometimes acts funny, so.. Is this picking up/backing up everything now
> including the mysql databases that omnimailer created with the install
> script, and whatever python/php stuff I add?? I'm having a hard time
> understanding what actually syncs, and how it knows what to get. Do I need
> to come up with a backup plan for the mysql database that omnimailer uses,
> or is front page handeling the backups of EVERYTHING on the site.

I think you are mixing up several things when you say "the web site".

First there is the site that your boss developed and handed over to you.
This is
in ASP, and should work with FrontPage (don't know for sure how it is set

Then there is the autoresponder, which is using an omnimail application. I
understand what FrontPage will do here. You should be feeding it email
and then it will email stuff to people. Not much web pages here.

Otherwise as the company that sold you omnimail if you can extend the site
using FrontPage, and how?

One final word: it is better to be homogeneous platform-wise to ease the
administration burden for yourself. Even if you don't like the platform,
many applications on different operating systems, different programming
languages, different database backends, ...etc. is just asking for trouble
in a small shop where people and there skills are in short supply.

So perhaps you should explore something integrated with your ASP
so you don't worry about backup, upgrades and support.
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